Particle requires authentication in order to execute queries. We support the Client Credentials flow of OAuth2.0 utilizing JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). To learn more about OAuth at Particle, check out our blog post on the topic.

Each generated JWT is valid for up to 1 hour. When using a Particle Health API, the data seeker must include a valid JSON Web Token (JWT) in the HTTP header of their request: Authorization: JWT

To generate a JSON Web Token, you'll need a client-id and a client-secret. You can request these values from the Developer Portal, in the API Credentials tab (under Account in the sidebar). When requesting credentials via the portal, be sure to check that you've selected the right environment, either Test or Live. You can change the environment using the toggle at the top of the sidebar.

Once you have those two values, you can go to Generate a JSON Web Token (JWT) and paste them in to get started.