The FHIR standard allows for you to query for specific pieces of data within a patient medical record (e.g. medication, procedure) via dedicated FHIR Resources. Read more about FHIR in our Guide.

We offer two options for implementing our FHIR API: the Patient flow (recommended) or the Person flow (our original legacy offering for querying FHIR data). Both of these endpoints enable customers to read a specified FHIR resource.

FHIR Patient API Flow

The Patient flow enables customers to access the Patient $everything feature of the FHIR spec. By calling $everything, all resources can be downloaded at once as opposed to calling each resource of interest separately. More details in this can be found here.


FHIR Person API Flow


Combined FHIR and C-CDA Flow


Some clients of ours choose to import both C-CDA and FHIR data as part of their workflows. Each have a separate set of endpoints to utilize, but the initiation of the query can happen with one step instead of two. The diagram below details how this flow would be implemented. This flow counts as a single query.

The FHIR portion of this flow (top section) illustrates using FHIR Person, but the FHIR Patient flow can be used here as well.