Demographics for Patient Queries

Fields available when submitting Patient Demographics

Below is a list of all of the required and optional fields needed to query for a patient on the Particle Health API.

Patient IDFALSEYour internal patient identifier; no impact on hit rate, but helpful for audit purposes
Family NameTRUEa.k.a. Last Name
Given NameTRUEa.k.a. First Name
GenderTRUEAt this time, our API accepts two inputs, Male and Female. Note: Do not abbreviate
Date of BirthTRUEThe patient's birth date (e.g. Jan 20th, 1993)
CityTRUECity associated with patient's address
StateTRUEUse the State's 2-letter abbreviation
Postal CodeTRUEThe patient's 5 digit (XXXXX) postal code. If a 9 digit postal code (XXXXX-XXXX) is passed through, the last 4 digits will be dropped.
Street NameFALSEi.e. 123 Main Street - Highly recommended
Purpose of UseTRUETREATMENT in all cases. Please see Purposes of Use for more information
Phone NumberFALSEHighly recommended
EmailFALSEThe patient's email. Can be helpful
SSN (Social Security Number)FALSECan be helpful
NPIFALSEThe querying provider's NPI; no impact on hit rate, but helpful for audit purposes
HintsFALSEAn additional postal code for the patient; increases the surface area of our search