API Versioning

To continue building out our APIs while minimizing disruption, every Particle Health API is versioned. We commit to no breaking changes, so you can remain assured that your implementation will continue working as we evolve our capabilities. We do encourage you to keep up with our Release Notes so you are aware of the new functionality we are introducing.

What is a breaking change?

We define a breaking change as:

  • Any changes in the format of the JSON data returned
  • Any unsafe changes to existing fields in the request or response types
  • Removal of any part of the API

As long as we don't violate any of those definitions, we can continue to add functionality to an existing API. This includes:

  • Adding new, optional fields to request types
  • Adding new fields to response types to provide additional information
  • Adding new methods to the API that are independent of existing functionality

How we version

Particle Health utilizes URI versioning: each API will have the version specified in the URI that you call against. Additionally, our documentation for each version will be available as long as it is supported.

What’s Next