Patient Onboarding


Particle enables customer organizations by building solutions focused on minimizing risk across the entire patient care journey and ensuring that our customers have all the data they need to make the most informed decisions at each patient touchpoint. Our Onboarding solution makes patient treatment safer and more effective by providing complete clinical context for an initial appointment with a new patient. It solves several pain points providers experience.

  • Physicians rely on patient reported information to understand medical history which is often inaccurate and incomplete
  • When a physician requires additional information, they might not know whether or not such information already exists. If it does exist but they are unaware, they will order unnecessary testing which increases costs.
  • When a physician requires additional information and they are aware such information already exists, but they do not immediately have access to it, they may have to utilize a manual process to retrieve the information which is slow, costly and may delay decision making.
  • When a physician makes a decision and is unaware that information exists that would alter their decision making, they are unable to make the most informed decision and accurately balance risks / benefits.

The Onboarding solutions allows users to easily navigate the breadth and depth of patients’ clinical data and facilitate new patient onboarding and appointment preparation.

The Onboarding solutions may be accessed via APIs or a UI. Use the links below to learn more.