Recommended Query Flow

When implementing the Particle Health API, we typically advise our clients to launch their query process from the Flat API route. Doing so gives optionality when choosing to implement Flat data, FHIR data, C-CDA data, or both (depending on the use case). Additionally, customers may choose to pair ad-hoc queries (flows below) with our Patient Monitoring product. Your Particle Health representative is here to support you in designing the most optimal implementation for you and your use case!

As seen in the workflow diagram below, initiating a query from the Flat Query endpoint enables developers to choose which data format to download and gives the flexibility to pivot into a different data format down the road, if desired. Both FHIR and C-CDA have a separate set of endpoints to utilize, but the initiation of the query can happen with one step instead of three (starting with the Flat Patient query API call). The diagram below details how this flow would be implemented. This flow counts as a single query.

Additional info on how to implement against our Flat data format can be found here.

If you have any questions about the implementation of this flow or would like to consider another flow, please reach out to your Particle Health representative and we'd be more than happy to help!

Combined API Flow

Polling for Query Status

Event Notification for Query Status

Details on configuring Event Notifications can be found here