Referral Management for Clinicians

Referral management

The Referral Management product is part of our Monitoring Solution.

This product allows the provider to enroll a patient (or roster of patients) that they are referring to another provider. Once the referring provider shares the information about the referral, Particle Health then start monitoring the health information networks to see when new data has come in from that facility for that patient. Your team will receive a notification that data is ready to be pulled down and you will be passed any net new data that was generated by that encounter. You will also be able to know when a patient did not follow up on a referral so you can take action.

This ultimately can result in providing better care, and is especially important in value-based care arrangements.


Let’s say you are a PCPprimary care physician who has referred Mary Smith to an endocrinologist at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, NY.

Referral happened

Old Way

Traditionally, you might not know when Mary might be able to get in with the endocrinologist so you tell her to schedule with you a follow up once she has seen the other physician. She may have forgotten to do so but the next time she comes in to see you for an unrelated problem, you remember that she was supposed to see a specialist, you ask her if she went, and then you fax the office to get the endocrinologist’s recommendations. This could be weeks or months after you initially referred her.

New Way

Now with Particle, you will get proactively updated when your patient has seen the specialist with the specialist’s recommendations in hand. Depending on the recommendations, you can either suggest to accelerate a follow up, or cancel it altogether.

Patient did not go to the referral

Old Way

Now, maybe Mary Smith forgot to schedule with the endocrinologist. You may have a care coordination workflow that calls or texts patients with reminders to follow up with referrals but in all likelihood, as a physician you probably won’t know that Mary forgot all about your referral until the next time she comes, which could be months down the road.

New Way

Now with Particle’s Referral Management product, if no data is generated from Mary Smith going to see an endocrinologist within a certain period of time, you and your team will be notified so that you can contact Mary with a reminder.

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